Wednesday, 8 September 2010

We Used to Wait

I have come across the new music video for Arcade Fire's We Used to Wait.
I use the term 'music video' very loosely because it is more of a unique experience; as in it will be different for every person.

It uses HTML 5 technology and Google Street Views to put the house where you grew up in the foray of things and, paired with Win Butler's wonderful lyrics, can really evoke some powerful memories, especially for me who, having just turned 20 yesterday, is starting to feel my youngest years coming to a close.

You need Google Crome to experience the video properly and it recommends you to close other running programs because it is quite demanding of your computer.

Some advice to truly enjoy it: lots of windows will open. Don't click anything or it will mess it up.

Also, towards the middle, it will tell you to write a postcard to a younger version of yourself. Make sure you do this as the next bit is brilliant.

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