Monday, 1 March 2010


Right, here is where I plug my friend Lucy. She also studies at Cardiff University and is going on an insane travel with two people from Bristol Uni, called Jailbreak. It's all for charity and looks like it will be awesome. They basically have to get as far from Bristol as they can in 36 hours. If you're feeling generous, give a little to help them get as far as possible. Without further ado, so you can know what it's about, I'll quote their words:

We are Emily and Bruce AND LUCY!, and next weekend we will be undertaking 'Jailbreak'- a wild mission to raise money on behalf of the Quartet Community Foundation, which handles funds for various local Bristol charities. Contrary to our student instincts, we will rise early on the morning of Saturday 6th March, and, leaving our better judgement - and most crucially our wallets - behind, we will brave the elements and tempers of weekend drivers, to walk, run, swim (?) hitch-hike and charm our way as far away from Bristol as we can in only 36 hours.

To find out more and donate, click here.

Thanks guys!


  1. I donated a fiver, that sounds like fun! ;) i wanna do somthin like that one day.

  2. Turns out they got to AMSTERDAM.
    Cheers to anybody who donated!