Saturday, 20 March 2010

Poker Face

I just played poker with the boys. I was doing really badly for the first half but then, as the underdog, came back and fleeced everybody. Here are my chips.
That right there is a pile of victory.

I went to town today, got a haircut and bought Final Fantasy XIII and a Manchester United home shirt. It felt good to be back in my city. In the words of Elbow, "Coming home I feel like I designed these buildings I walk by". 

In other news, I have fallen in love with another song. It is so simple yet so sincere. It brings feelings of nostalgia, both happy and sad, and I think I want to have it played at my funeral. The thing is, I don't think people at my funeral will want to sit through the 9 minute length of the song. Well here it is anyway.

Iron & Wine - The Trapeze Swinger

I am off to Italy on Tuesday. I am brimming with excitement!



  1. I'm going on Saturday! Exciting stuff :) what do you plan to do there? im guessing it's primarily a chance to practise your italian.
    also, instant love for your blog with the amazing music and the fact you study languages at uni ^_^ xx

  2. Ooh nice! :D
    I'm going with my university to practise Italian and see the sights. We're visiting Venice, Rome, Pisa, Florence, Lucca, Treviso and Livorno all in a week!

  3. awesome :) im doing something similar. hope you have a brilliant time!

  4. you lucky son of a bitch ;) i wanted to win that 20 at poker. next time you'll be paying for my new shoes :P

    picking you up on Wed ;) gonna be a good little road trip