Saturday, 19 December 2009


I have been thinking about breasts.
Why is the nipple the 'offensive' part of the female mammary gland?
For example, there are often breasts shown on tv, films and in pictures but as long as the nipples are covered, it's OK.
What's so bad about a little nipple? When guys are topless, they don't have to cover their nipples.


  1. 'Cos nipples = sex. And guys don't get turned on if you touch their nipples in the same way girls do, that's probably why :)

  2. Useful insight.
    I've never thought of it that way before..

  3. Freud would have loved this subject, given the male's obsession with nipples from birth.

  4. I love how this particular post seems to attract the only comments I'm getting haha.
    Freud seems to be right!

  5. haha i think the reason this post attracts comments is cus of its sexual content :P people like to talk about sex.
    plus it asks a question ;)