Friday, 1 January 2010

Another year, another hangover

I lie here clumsily stabbing at my iPod touch, a defeated man; defeated by his own over-indulgence in alcohol. Every year I overdo it. I never learn.

I'd like to wish whoever reads this a happy new year.

I celebrated the new year at Grace's house and me, Sherwin, Luke and Nathan went out to North Hill after. We saw Dani Jackson, a good friend of ours who moved to Australia recently so it was a nice surprise to see her back for new years. I ended up rolling in at 6.

I'm supposed to be doing more to my social mobility essay today. I wrote another paragraph for it and then hit a brick wall because there is something wrong with a website meaning I can't access a journal I need. All the reading didn't do my hangover any favours so here I lay, disappointed in myself in what appears to be a very unproductive new years day.

I've got work tomorrow too. Bollocks.

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  1. that was a good night ;) next time we are out, we shall have tequila