Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Goodbye old friend

We took down the Christmas tree yesterday, and with its departure came a feeling of disillusionment as I shook off the last remnants of glittery tinsel and magic I had been submerged in for the last couple of weeks.

Life is back to normal. It's got to that stage when the cold weather (and what little snow we get down here on the coast) isn't welcome any more and I just want it to be summer again. I've finally finished my essay for my Education & Society module which is a huge weight off my shoulders but with the disenchantment that came after we lovingly boxed up the Christmas tree and put it in the loft, where it will wait patiently until next year, I realised that I will be returning to Cardiff soon. And that means there are exams to prepare for; something which I plan on doing from now until I go back up there.

In other news, I'm still reading La Sombra del Viento. I'm almost two fifths of the way through now. It's a slow but satisfying achievement and I'm trying to work on my foreign reading technique to make me read faster yet still understand the plot.


  1. i know the feeling :/ having to go back to doing work after a good break, my solution is mini breaks lol. i do all my work and then havea whole day to myself to just watch tv and eat food :P

    although it must be different in cardiff lol, atleast you have http://www.youtube.com/shows
    i'm currently watching all the only fools and horses series' from the start lol.

    you type in OFAH and the name of the episode (which i find out on wikipedia) then watch it lol. it isn't on shows tho, jsut normal youtube.

  2. Oh OK.
    I've been watching Peep Show from S1E1. I love it!