Thursday, 14 January 2010

First Hurdle

I had my Italian history exam today.
I sailed through it I think. The question I had ruthlessly prepared came up. So I basically just regurgitated my pre-prepared material from my brain onto paper.
In search of some form of celebration, me and Lucy decided to head to The Woodville for a couple pints and some lunch. We were joined by Giovanna, Momin and Lucy's friend, Rosie. It was nice to have a little moment of relaxation. I should be going to a party with my Erasmus student friends tonight.
Then tomorrow it's back to religious studying for my Education exam on Monday.

Sorry guys. Not much to blog about right now. There isn't much interesting going on my life as of late due to exams being at the forefront of everything.

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  1. i like the name Giovanna, slides off the young if you say it properly, its all stressed if you say it with a normal english accent lol