Tuesday, 6 April 2010

España, nos veremos pronto

As you may or may not be aware, I am a languages student. I have been studying my primary foreign language, Spanish, for seven years yet I still haven't graced its shores.

This summer that must change. My course mates are always shocked to hear I haven't been there. They say the passion I display for the country when I speak about it leads them to assume that I must have at least been to the country once to garner such a love for it.

I have been saving as much as possible over the last few months to go travelling around Spain this summer with my friend Chris who's currently in Mexico. However his financial situation has taken a turn for the worst and he is unable to come. Looks like I could be going it alone. Mission statement: find somebody to come with me.

Recently I have had many people, be it friends or flatmates, telling me that my taste in music is very weird and eclectic. I prefer the term 'good' but who am I to change the words of others? My friend Chris, upon me moaning to him about British nightclubs in a fashion similar to that in my previous post, told me that I should start my own nightclub. If only I could. It would quite possibly be the best place ever.

The Easter break is nearly over. I have a 3000 word essay to write over the next month and lots of work and exams that lie between me and summer.

I long for Spanish shores to save me from this monotony.


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  1. I like your taste in music. People tell me the same thing as well. You should open a club and play GOOD music in it. People would come and talk about it forever.