Sunday, 4 April 2010

Knives Out

I watched football in 3D today. Manchester United vs. Chelsea. My team (Man. U) lost 2-1. I wasn't too impressed with the technology. We were sat at the front row and whenever there was a close-up, it would just be blurry. What a load of bollocks. Hardly the 'future' of television if it's dependent on distance from the screen. But whatever. Let the big boys play with their toys. I'm happy as I am.

I've just been on a night out.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
It's fair to say that I've been single for a while and, well, I just don't feel like I'm into whole pulling-girls-on-random-nights-out-in-clubs-where-the-music-is-so-shit-and-loud-that-you-can't-even-speak-to-each-other thing. I don't want the criteria of whether or not I am selected by a girl to be how well I can rub myself against her sweaty body to the UK's latest number one without saying a word to her. Fuck that. It just feels so damn degrading. Call me an old man but I'd like my personality and the impact I have on the girl through what I say to her to have some kind of effect. Something tells me I'm not the one night stand type of guy anyway.

Why am I even blogging this?

I have to do this night out thing all over again tonight. Maybe I'll go in with more of an open mind? Who knows..

I think Italy has really woken me up to Britain's abhorrent drinking 'culture'. See, the drunken rant just became a cultural observation. You get all kinds of gems from me.

It's not that I don't enjoy nights out here. It's just, contrary to most of those around me, I just don't see them as ideal places to meet girls.. unless it's a totally meaningless one night stand, which I don't think is my kind of thing anyway.

Fuck it. Just watch this.



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