Monday, 12 April 2010

The last push

Well here it is. I'm back in Cardiff and uni starts up again tomorrow. We're the only uni that seems to have gone back this early (I think because we finished for Easter a week before everybody else) so everyone I know at home is still there enjoying their Easter.

My light at the end of the tunnel is the glorious, almost 4 month long summer that awaits me. But between me and that summer lies a 2 month minefield of deadlines, essays, books and exams. My last exam is June 2nd. I just need to make it to that date and then everything will be carefree and wonderful.

I was looking forward to coming back here to my friends and the awesome Cardiff night life but something tells me that there isn't going to be all too much socialising between now and summer, especially when we're into May and exams are well and truly on.

One of my flatmates, Emma, recently decided to drop out of uni. I have no idea why. I just heard through another of my flatmates, Hannah. Emma was due to live with us next year so now we have a spare bedroom in our house next year. Thankfully we haven't lost the house and if we can't fill the room then she still has to pay; or so we believe. We will need to check that..
We are thinking if we can't find somebody to fill the room we'll put an advert up for a Spanish or Italian ERASMUS student. That would be awesome. If we still can't fill the room, we'll turn it into something cool I guess, like a zero-gravity chamber.
My flatmate Cathie's friend, Lou, is going to be taking the empty room Emma has now left behind in our flat due to her current nightmarish flatmates. So we'll be having a new roomie soon. I have only met her once and I think I tried to get with her. I'll try and be a normal human being this time.

We've been getting a fair bit of sun and blue skies recently in Plymouth. I hope it carries on here in Cardiff as the weather has really been boosting my mood. There's nothing like opening the blinds to a pure blue sky.

Well, that's all for now really. Just giving a prelude to this final stretch of my first year at uni.
Let's get to it.


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  1. My best friend's gone back to uni too, not sure why she's gone so early!