Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Horse #2

Just a short one tonight folks. Recently I posted a new song from the new Band of Horses album, Infinite Arms, entitled Compliments. It's a wonderful song.
Since then, a second song from the same upcoming album has been released. So, without further ado, I present you Laredo, taken from the forthcoming album, Infinite Arms by the almighty Band of Horses.


I'm really liking the developments that this band (of horses) have made to their sound. Ben's vocals have always been, and still are, pleasant to listen to. Nice, light and easygoing rock music.

In other news, I bought some new headphones from Amazon today due to the fact that my old ones had broken.
I've just got back from my friend Darshni's flat. Me, her, Dan and Lucy watched an Italian film, La vita è bella (Life's beautiful). It was a wonderful film. It almost reminded me of the old Carry On... films with the first half being very much a slapstick comedy affair with a charming sense of innocence commonplace in many films from the Carry On era, despite this film being made in 1997.
I'd recommend the film to anybody and suggest that you watch it.

Well now I must sleep, for the next day awaits me.
I hate not getting my 8 hours.


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