Saturday, 29 May 2010

Good Morning Mr. President

With Arnold Schwarzenegger as senator of California, it seems that Brad Pitt is jumping on the celebrity political bandwagon; with reports surfacing that he is looking to make a bid for US presidency in 2016.

What has the world come to?
Could he really be America's next president? I hope not.

How can one of the world's biggest superpowers, if the the biggest power, be entrusted to an actor?

They've already this idiot. Do they really need, presumably, another?

Although I suppose, as Team America taught me, actors are the best liars. Their job is essentially lying. And if there's anything a politician should know how to do, it's lie.




  1. No, no, no! This better not happen. The first lady would probably (considering how long their relationship lasts) be Angelina Jolie...I'd have to leave the country.

  2. America for the lolz.

    It would be safe I'm sure, unless he employs hollywood buddies as his aides. Then we'd be screwed.

  3. Haha it would be like the Film Actors' Guild in Team America!
    MATT DAMON as Defence secretary