Sunday, 23 May 2010

Some World Cup themed happenings

I entered a World Cup sweepstake on The Student Room, an online forum I frequent. The prize is pretty lame, with the winner receiving positive 'rep' from all the other players. Nevertheless, I got involved because it would make the World Cup even more exciting. Each player is assigned a randomly generated team out of the 32 teams in the competition and the player whose team wins the World Cup wins the sweepstake and gets the rep, which is like crack to TSR members. In addition to this, a footballer was randomly generated for each player involved. So again, 32 players were generated. The footballers are generated randomly out of all the strikers involved in the World Cup and the highest goal scorer wins more rep.

It's fair to say my team (Cameroon) won't win but it will at least give me a second team (other than England) to support. However, I struck gold with the football player I got: Spain's one-and-only David Villa. This gives me a fairly good chance of winning.

While on the subject of the World Cup, I am in love with the song for this year's World Cup. It's such a brilliant and cheerful song and really reflects the coming together of nations. I think it's going to be a summer tune.

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