Monday, 24 May 2010

Maps; a mountain range; a piggy bank

I haven't seen a cloud in three whole days. This weather is bliss.
Struggling through this Spanish 19th Century literature for tomorrow's exam; not so much.
I bought a big dairy milk bar to get me through this revision about a week ago. It has been in my cupboard in that time and due to the recent sun is rather melted. So as I effortlessly chew through it, chunk by malleable chunk, I'm starting to feel rather sick.
I went to the park yesterday with Darsh, Dan and Iona. We had a right laugh with some Frisbee, a football and splashing about in the river.

Yet another plan for the summer has appeared out of nowhere. I got a call from Lucy today inviting me to Sicily with our Erasmus friends, most of whom are Sicilian so it seems the logical place. I had just been thinking this morning that I want to go back to Italy and, having never been to Sicily, I thought why not? It would be so wonderful to see this island which I have only ever imagined through the lines of books, albeit it mostly Mario Puzo books.

Thankfully I got a bit of a kick up the ass from Lucy and the flights are already booked, the day I've been told about the trip. Spontaneity is the best; especially when it involves culturally rich Mediterranean islands. So now my summer is shaping up to go roughly as follows:

  • 11th June - 11th July - FIFA World Cup
  • Some time between 4th and 20th June - Move into our new house in Plymouth
  • 15th, 16th or 17th June - Italian Renaissance Drawings Exhibition with Sam in London
  • 22nd - 25th June - Sicily
  • All summer - Lots of beaching and barbecuing with friends
  • All summer - get back to the gym
  • July - Lose my Newquay virginity
  • Unknown - Possible trip to Egypt with Lucy
  • Late August - Possible trip to Barcelona

    It looks like it's going to be a good summer, providing this weather stays as it is.

    Just need to get through these last two exams, then ¡Libertad!

    As a passing gift, enjoy this trippy song and let it provide a soundtrack to your soothing summer day.

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