Thursday, 26 November 2009

A little musing about birds and dancing

There are often mornings here in Talybont, where I am given the impression that I live in some kind of bird sanctuary rather than a Student Residence. Perhaps it's because the site is situated near a park or perhaps I'm just unlucky but every morning here, without fail, there is a period of at least 10 minutes when the oddest bird cries can be heard all at once, from types of birds I've never seen or heard in my life before. Thankfully on Thursdays, I get up bright and early at 7.30 ready for Italian at 9.00. This meant that thankfully I was awake so when mother nature's alarm clock started making its freakish noises around 8.00 I was actually glad to have gotten up early.

Also, while searching for videos of Lollapalooza, a music festival I went to last year in Chicago, I found this gem. Enjoy. Do no try this at home.


  1. the video hasn't come up on your blog :S

  2. it has now. they guy is funny, where do you GET a shirt like that lol. i liked watchin the people in the background stare at him as they walk past lol :P