Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Things To Do This Coming Week

Wow, it has been a rather hectic week for me.
I currently have deadlines coming out of the wazoo!
I have spent pretty much all of my free time reading and working.
Which is why I am preparing a check list of things to do in my 'me time' next week and after. This is post is more for me so there's something to remind me not to overwork myself. Objects in red still aren't complete:

1) Go on at least 2 nights out.
2) Hoover my room.
3) Play Fifa with Ben and/or Nick
4) Play Call of Duty 5 (am too poor for the new one) with Ben and/or Nick. EDIT: I got the new one in the end.
5) Watch Pineapple Express with Ben and/or Nick.
6) Have a conversation with somebody in Spanish.
7) Watch a Spanish/Italian movie.
8) Get paid.
9) Make an iTunes playlist for November.
10) Enjoy myself.
11) Clean My Room
12) Have a shave
13) Do some laundry

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