Monday, 9 November 2009

A quick morning ramble - Lolspeak

Just a quick morning one about this strange phenomenon. I have noticed a lot of people who lean towards the nerdier end of the spectrum have taken to talking online, and in some cases in real life, in this strange little inbred cousin of the English language.
I can understand how these 'lolspeak' images (such as the one above) may be quite hilarious to you guys and fill the void left by you never getting laid but, for the love of God, don't bastardise the English tongue by communicating in this fork-tongue dialect by saying things like 'I can haz hugz?' and 'oh noes!'.
If you want to continue speaking in this dialect, go create your own language and fuck that up instead, starting your own colony in Middle Earth or wherever the hell else you indulge yourselves in when you cry yourselves to sleep realizing that you're going to die alone and nobody will ever love you (probably).
Or even better just ditch the whole fucking thing and learn Japanese so you can actually understand all that anime without subtitles.

To everyone else, good morning.


  1. Youz just hilare. Lolz.

    I can haz moor?

    Just found the blog, stupid Chris, I've decided that blogging can be public once again. Yay! So feel free to throw up a link anywhere you want :)

    Oh and keep blogging, I'm going to get on it right now.

  2. Haha ok then mate I'll put the link back up there. Doubt you'll get any weirdos through my blog anyway other than Nathan haha.