Monday, 9 November 2009

Welcome All

The fact that you are reading this means that you are in a very small, yet lucky, minority for you are bearing witness to a birth; a momentous occasion; a precursor, if you will, of great things to come.
I used to do a lot of blogging back in the days of myspace. I found it a useful way of chronicling life, of preserving my memories like fossils trapped in amber in their original state to be observed by whoever pleases (more importantly myself) without the contaminations and deteriorations brought on by my foggy and forgetful mind.
So, upon making a blogger account to allow me to comment on my good friend Chris Allin's posts and track his progress through Mexico, I saw my blank slate of a blog and decided to kick-start some blogging activity again.
 I can't promise you glory, my faithful audience of, well, currently zero but I can promise you the most literately proficient depictions of a young lad's quest to buy milk, or a painful walk home in the rain that you will ever experience. Another thing I cannot promise is regular updates, for I am a busy lad with studying, a job and a social life to juggle. Well it's best you know a little about your protagonist I guess...
My name is Sam Lott. I am a young 19 year old lad, not unlike any other. Originally from Plymouth, I study Spanish, Education and Italian at Cardiff University. I am currently in my first year and am coming to terms with life in a new city. I have settled in just fine, found myself a lovely bunch of friends and am enjoying independence and (most of the time) all the responsibilities that come with it. I am fascinated by all aspects of Spanish culture, language and history which is odd having never been to the country (although this will have changed by next summer, touch wood).
I'll keep this brief as I don't want to give away everything before I've even got going.
Once again, I'd like to restate that I won't be posting all too regularly - I haven't got much of an exciting life going on here unlike my good friend in Mexico - so I suggest you subscribe to email notifications so you can find out when your favourite blogger has just finished chiselling away at another sculpture of pure gold. I am currently unsure what this blog will entail, possibly just accounts of various aspects of life, maybe a few rants, maybe even some music related posts, with it being a huge passion of mine and all.

And on that bombshell, I depart you.
More on the horizon.

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