Monday, 30 November 2009

The Homeward Stretch

I worked my last day at Maplin's City Road branch yesterday and now, with the job behind me, I have just turned the last corner and am on the finishing straight of this semester. One remaining piece of assessed work due in this Thursday acts as my final hurdle before the glorious finish line where my friends and family at home await me with open arms.

My impending return home got me feeling all nostalgic and I found myself thinking about all the things I miss about home which I cannot wait to do again. It's surprising how many simple little things you miss when away from home. For me, these include having a back garden to look out onto in a quiet leafy suburb rather than feeling like some kind of worker bee, living in a tiny pod in a giant complex comprised of hundreds of other identical pods, uniform and square, in rows. I miss buildings with personality; something I haven't experienced in this bland empty shell. I miss the relationship you can have with these kinds of buildings, ripened by years of shared experiences, good and bad, with family and friends; where a house becomes a home. And besides, what better time to return home than Christmas when social and family gatherings are in abundance?

Here's a relevant song:

In other news, I'm supposed to be looking at houses this week to decide where I'm living next year and who I'll be living with. These are exciting times my friends.


  1. this song reminds me of the saying "it ain't much but its home" said in a southern american accent lol :P

    think of you pod as a cocoon, its there for you to develop your skills so you can one day break free of it and be free to experience the best of the world.

  2. That's a good analogy man. Not here for long anyway now. :D