Friday, 12 February 2010

Home for a day

I came home for a night last night. The train down was nice because I wasn't bogged down by the usual plethora of bags. Instead I opted for one single laptop shoulder bag. I felt like a right student.

However, typical me still managed to show his face on the journey...

I had to change trains at Bristol Temple Meads and after getting off the train I started walking towards the next platform. "Brrr, it's cold," I thought.
Then it hit me. I had left my jacket on the train I had just disembarked. This isn't just any old jacket. It's my favourite jacket. It and I are nigh on inseparable. It has held me close through many a cold day. There was no way I was going to repay it by leaving it behind to some cold uncertain future with some undesirable.
Never had I ran so fast. You know that guy who is running for train at the station who everyone laughs at? I was that guy.
As I approached the train I glanced up at the departures screen. The train was due to depart in 1 minute. The conductors were gathering outside, lips to their whistles, prepared for departure. I threw myself through the carriage, terrified the train would depart with me still on it and take me to God-knows-where.
By a stroke of luck I managed to retrieve the jacket and get back onto the platform unscathed, jacket and bags intact. I then proceeded onward smoothly with the rest of my journey and made it home.

Before coming to university I never realised how much affection I had for my home town. When I started seeing familiar buildings, the river, the humble city lights twinkling away, it felt great. Those sights filled me with comfort, nostalgia and happiness.

I'm heading back to Cardiff tonight with four of my friends: Nathan, Luke, Sherwin and Dan. They're coming up for the weekend and hopefully I'll get to show them the night (and day) life of Cardiff. I love showing people around my new home.


  1. Thaila Kelly (is cool)12 February 2010 at 22:49

    Hahaha, its like a scene from an epic movie :)
    have a fun weeeeeeeeeeekend!

  2. what a weekend! it was amazing ;)