Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oh, Jónsi how I love you.

I have just stumbled on a wonderful piece of news. Jónsi, lead singer of Sigur Rós is creating a solo album for release in the week beginning April 5th. Those of you who have never heard of Sigur Rós, check them out.
If you like them, you may also like Jónsi's side project with his partner, Alex; the aptly named Jónsi & Alex.

However this new solo album seems a total new direction for Jónsi. The music is very uplifting and light and he sings in English in most of the songs on the album. For those interested, check out his site here. On the site you can listen to a song called 'Boy Lilikoi' from the forthcoming album entitled 'Go'.

Check it out. It's wonderful.


  1. Can you send me some of Jonsi's songs please.
    Sigur Rós & Jonsi and Alex are some of the most relaxing and beautiful songs ever composed :)

  2. The album isn't out yet.
    I only have Sigur Rós and Jonsi and Alex (until April when Jonsi's album's out)

  3. Sigur WHEERT?! i love gobbledigook ;) lalalalalala