Saturday, 27 February 2010


I got up ridiculously late today. Not for any particular reason. I mean, I was up late last night but I wasn't doing anything of particular significance such as partying 'til the early hours. (Maybe if I had been partying you would get some interesting blogs...) No, I was playing Final Fantasy IV and watching Peep Show.

Having my breakfast at 12.30 PM was a bit surreal. Even my flatmates who had gone out last night were already well into their day when I had just started mine.

I then proceeded to alternate between work and procrastination. I used to be able to tackle my work head on. Not anymore. It appears that unless I have a deadline tomorrow, I tend to just beat around the bush, watching the clock tick by, until I even start making moves towards getting anything done.

I had a massive craving for Farley's rusks today. Yes, those things that babies eat. So when I went to Tesco this evening I thought I'd buy some. I managed to get a box of 18 for a quid. That, my friends, is a RESULT.

I also grabbed a copy of NME for the first time in what must be a year. It was between that and a copy of Front which had a very attractive naked female on the front. NME just tipped it though because it came with a free CD and a Gorillaz poster which now resides on my door. I don't know what the fact that I chose a free CD and a poster over a naked woman says about me. Whatever it is, it can't be good.

Since reading Q, I've found NME to be trying a bit too hard to appeal to the 'cool' readers by writing about the 'cool' bands, even if it means stooping to the level of outright dissing bands it used to praise. For instance it called White Lies an, and I quote, 'underwhelming shitheap'. Bastards. Oh well, the CD and poster were enough for me, despite the shoddy music journalism..


  1. Front is the best, I'm disappointed with you :)
    You can't go wrong with it.

  2. Sam i really rekon you should do some music journalism, you can review the shit out of albums :P

  3. I may get Front next time Alex.
    We need some reading material with tits in it for our kitchen.

  4. Oh and cheers Nath.
    Wouldn't mind that as a career.
    Let's start a magazine?

  5. yes! i'll find some girls who wanna be models and you keep on listening to that music