Wednesday, 10 February 2010

That's good quality H2O... or not

Today I learned the value of hot water. I dragged myself out of bed after a late night last night, motivated by the thought of a warm revitalising shower. Things didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped. We had no hot water. Standing in that bathroom miserably jumping in and out of that freezing cold shower, making all kinds of odd noises as the ice rained down upon me, was quite a low point to start out on today. I mean I've had the occasional 'cold shower' in my life but this was a whole new level. I gave up, defeated, and decided against lathering myself in pneumonia-inducing water, instead opting to shiver into my towel.
So there I was, yesterday's hair product still greasy in my hair, feeling as tired as ever and shivering my ass off as I clumsily put my clothes on. My next thought was to get some breakfast. So I went to the kitchen, had some cereal and then tried to wash my dishes. But alas, the water there was cold too.
I then left my flat to head to university. I was far from in the bright and awake state I had wanted to be in. This led me to ponder how dependent I am on hot water and how being without it turned me into a clumsy, tired and grumpy Neanderthal for the morning.


  1. hahaha sorry for luaghing its just funny. so sorry for you not having a warm shower. how r u keeping up?


  2. Good to know my misery brings people joy! haha
    I'm keeping well and you?
    Thanks for following

  3. hahahahaha! ahh shit, thats bad, :P i can imagine you drying off feeling all unsatisfied lol (abit like any girl Liams been with)

  4. hahaha that bit about Liam is brilliant!!
    I can just imagine his reaction if you'd said it in front of him!