Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A Musing (not amusing)

I always feel an odd sadness when I realize my inevitable departure to university is approaching again; the kind of sadness that, when you let it rise up in you, just leaves you to sigh.
It isn't so much that I don't want to go back. I absolutely love the course and my independent lifestyle up there. It's just I feel sad to be leaving people behind, saying goodbye to friends and family and not knowing when I'm going to see them again. I am yet to feel the kind of closeness, attachment and affection to anywhere or anyone in Cardiff as I feel for my house and my family; the kind of affection that makes you feel at home.

However, coming back to Plymouth recently I have found nostalgia to be waiting round every corner as I walk old shortcuts a younger me had discovered in his scruffy school uniform, scuffed shoes and ripped trousers. Again I sigh as I think back to these memories, monochrome mementos to a world that can't exist for me any more. I am older now. With every year comes more responsibility. I now understood why my parents always said I would miss my childhood once it was gone.

Once I am up in Cardiff again with my friends, this feeling tends to go away. It's just the leaving that's the hard part, thinking of all that's behind me.

I need to look forward instead, where Italy awaits me in a mere four weeks. Venice, Rome, Florence and the rolling hills of Tuscany lie waiting to be explored by this young intrepid traveller struggling with his rudimentary grasp on the Italian language. I'll blog it.


  1. Thaila Kelly (is cool)24 February 2010 at 22:25

    Yeah, keep thinking of all the stuff that is coming soon in life and how they will all turn into memories at some point so make the most of them at the moment, cause you know at the end of the day you family, everyone and the place you know best and grew up in will always always be here when you come back :)

  2. Awh! Don't be sad! At least you know that all the things you love, and all the places you remember things from, will always be there when you go home, again and again. And think of the memories you'll be making for yourself at uni right now! =]
    Have an amazing time in Italy, loving the blog, am following.
    Bonnie x

  3. us lot will always be around, we will come nd visit you too ;) lifes gonna be good, you just take everything you've learn't and use it in your future, like remember to heat up the bath abit more once you are in it to avoid a painfull ball dip

  4. You mean cool down the bath a bit.
    The ball pain, for me is normally caused when it's too hot.
    If it's too cold it's the ball shrivel.

  5. no no i mean, get in the bath when its abit colder and THEN heat it up lol

  6. so your balls will be sort of used to being in water and so it will be ok when you heat it up