Sunday, 7 February 2010

Not ready...

I got too drunk last night. Walked home feeling very ill. Some drunk creepy guy at a taxi rank asked to stay at my flat to which I responded by walking away.
I am feeling the repercussions of last night and would like nothing more than to fall asleep right now.
What better way to take advantage of this than by going out tonight to a fancy dress club-crawl known as 'Carnage' which is renowned for being the messiest of student events?



  1. Alcohol is the perfect cure for a hangover dont'cha know :)
    Although its not such a great cure for that sick-y after hangover feeling.

  2. Well, I made it back and thankfully am home quite early. Time for some well earned sleep :D

  3. that creepy guy was me... i drove all the way from plymouth... mother fucker

  4. ahh if only I'd known!
    I'd have gladly taken you home you creepy bastard